Staying “connected” while traveling | Travel Tips

Whether you are traveling solo or with a group, it’s inevitable that you will be keeping in contact with home, or loved ones. The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia Almost everyone who travels has a smart phone of some sort…and there is always SOMEWHERE where there is some free...

Follow Your Heart to Turkey by Shyamala || Guest Review

I had first met Shyamala via email, her inquiring about an upcoming Turkey Travel Experience I had planned. We then met at a Starbucks with a number of others interested, but it was evident she was the spear head of this meeting. Being a firstborn myself, I already liked her. 🙂...

The Wine Village of Sirince || Turkey Destination Highlight

In countries where wine is made, there is always a place that is called “wine country”. Turkey has one, off the Aegean coast, outside of Kusadasi. Sirince (prounounced, sheh-ringe-eh) is a small village of about 600 in population. The name used to be Cirkince which meant “ugly”,...

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