Why Our Guests Love to Travel with Follow Your Heart

We booked an incredible 4 day desert trek in Morocco through Tracey!

Our driver was wonderful and we saw so many things, ate incredible food and stayed in some amazing places. She also arranged a driver for us to Essaouira. She is full of knowledge about travel tips and places to check out. Very professional and prompt at responding to any questions or concerns.She also works closely with local companies to support communities.

I highly recommend Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences.

Allie Beck, Saskatchewan, Canada

I can not begin to put into words the amazing 15 days I spent with FYH in Morocco.

From the total pampered feeling to the personalized tour experience. Nothing was overlooked. Most can plan a vacation but this was an immersion into Moroccan culture and life. The tour guides catered to our ever need and the unexpected experiences were once in a lifetime.

Amanda Killen, Colorado, USA

We had a fantastic experience with Follow Your Heart Travel from the first contact through the sad departure home from Morocco! I am travelling frequently on global vacation and business trips – our small, individualized family trip with Follow Your Heart was perfect and I can wholeheartedly recommend Tracey and her team.

We chose Follow Your Heart for our New Year’s 2018/19 trip after looking in detail at various other options. Despite it being high season, Tracey & FYH were very accommodating to help us customize our trip around FYH’s “Luxury Grand” itinerary to really fit our interest. The result was a “best of Morocco” that left all of us just stunned. On the last day, we each concluded that this trip, even in light of our other fun global trips, was an A+ experience!

We were 5 family members (all adults). FYH provided us with our own driver as our guide from arrival to departure – the impeccable Rashid, who was outstanding, courteous, trustworthy and just wonderful from the time he picked us up on time in Casablanca with his spacious, luxury Mercedes-Benz van to our return to the airport 9 days and hundreds of miles later. We spoke both French and English with Rashid, and were never far from his help through What’s App.

Here are some of the things that stood out for us:
• Communication with FYH was outstanding – easy, trustworthy arrangements through eMail. Tracey was very quick in responding, even when she was on tour with customers). Payment was easy and accurate.
• Our driver/guide Rashid has been outstanding in the way he gave priority to our safety – he would go out of his way for example to drive us from the hotel in Marrakesh to the Jemaa al-Fna and back at late hours, and interrupting his own evening, rather than have us walk a mile through the medina. He was always available to drive us to / from dinner in Fes and in Marrakech – saving us the stress to negotiate with taxi drivers…
• Rashid and Follow Your Heart arranged for local guides for us for the day or for a few hours in Volubilis, Fes, the Soukh in Rissani, at Ait Ben Haddou, the Kasbah in Ouarzazate, and Marrakesh. Each one was stellar and helped us make the most of our time. FYH brough an amazing network of high quality, highly knowledgeable and funny guides to us.
• Follow-Your-Hear’ts actual itinerary was outstanding and stood out. While we traced the most typical tourist highlights along the Volubilis, Fes, Merzouga & Erg Chebbi, Ouarzazate and Marrakesh route, Follow Your Heart & Rashid really went above and beyond to expose us to the many facets of Morocco, from luxury restaurants & hotels to Berbere Pizza and the nearly-zero-tourists Soukh in Rizzoli. We could not have had this amazing of a diversity in experiences without Follow-Your-Hear.
• Despite our late booking, FYH got us excellent accommodations – the Riad Azawad in Merzouga and the Bouchedor Desert Camp were great finds! We picked several of our own hotels.
• Overall, our arrangements were also great value for money!

I’ll be happy to answer any questions, but I can fully recommend to place your trust in Tracey and the Follow Your Heart team with your next travel adventure!

C.B, Eastern USA

We are convinced this is the way to travel. Small, family group with a private guide who knows the lay of the land and takes you to places you didn’t know existed.

This was my second time with FYH and a first with the family and I must say I was truly delighted.

Everything about this Morocco trip, from the choice of locations to visit given our time, to the Riads, one better than the other, to the food, the driver/guide, was outstanding. We absolutely loved each and every place, ate, shopped, took in the scenery and strongly want to travel with FYH again.

Thank you so much, Hassan and Tracey for making this a memorable family time-out.

Vatsala Pant, Shanghai, China

I decided to join my wife on the 15-days road trip with Follow Your Heart across Morocco literally when the “doors were shutting”. And now I have the inner glow of having made a right decision!!

Morocco has lot to offer- from the natural beauty of Chefchaouen and Atlas Mountains to the mesmerizing Sahara desert.

But what I learnt in the trip that Morocco has been a melting pot of Berbers, Arabs and Jews for centuries before American social scientists “discovered” the concept. I particularly loved our three hours long walk through the labyrinth of old Médina in Fes’.

15 days with our small group felt like a prolonged Christmas dinner with extended family members where everyone brought their unique life stories and laughter to the table.

If you are in the business of “making memories”, go and drive across Morocco with Follow Your Heart- inshallah!!

Tracey understands the country, and I guarantee that you will be sleeping in some amazing Riads.

Gaz Bisht, Sydney, Australia

Morocco is the second time I have travelled with Tracey of Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences. First trip was to Turkey. Tracey always gives a personalised touch to her tours and Morocco was no exception. We got to experience everything the country had to offer, from the Atlas mountains to the Sahara desert, ancient souks, medinas, the food, Gnawa music-a total immersion into a culture and its ways. We stayed in beautiful ancient Riads/ hotels decorated with the most gorgeous Berber rugs and distinctive, colourful tiles which added to the overall awesomeness of the trip. We even did a cooking class in Marrakech at the famous Amal, a non profit organisation helping to empower women, which was a perfect way to give back to the community.
– Our Moroccan guide Yacine gets a special mention for being most patient with us, he catered to all our needs and explained everything about his country and its culture in an informative way. Our driver Mohammed showed us how to tackle Moroccan traffic and roads in the most spirited way.
–  The group with just the six of us was lots of fun and we had plenty of giggles along the way.I highly recommend Follow Your Heart to those who are looking for small group tours and want to understand and explore Morocco in the best possible way.

Preeti Bisht, Sydney, Australia

“Take the tour she said.
It’ll be great she said.”

And it was!

The group was a mix of ages, stages and life experiences. Just the right size to spend 15 days together seeing and breathing and feeling the magic of Morocco. From ancient camel routes and the biting beauty of the High Atlas Mountains through the intense colours and never-ending movement of souks and cities our ‘as you know’ guide, Yacine, delighted us with his ever ready smile, knowledge and deep love of his country. Tracey gently messaged us awake and kept us on schedule – oh, she also had the perfect cups for take out coffee!

My Morocco memories will stay with me forever and meeting the strangers who became friends in that special 15 days – that was priceless!

Beth McLeod, Vancouver, Canada

I had no expectations on this trip, which in hindsight was probably the best way to prepare or be unprepared (as the sudden cold weather nipped my butt) for this adventure. I’ve heard of Morocco but had no idea what I would encounter – and now I put this experience up there in my top 5 countries. It’s not exactly Europe and not exactly Africa as I imagined (Lion King music in the background). From the dry desert to the snowy mountains, from the relaxing beach to the busy funky old medinas, the diversity of the landscape and culture was very unique to me.

This experience was made even more special because of our fearless leader Tracey, who made the itinerary with just the perfect pace – not too hectic and not boring. We had just the right amount of guided tours and free time. Our local guide Yassine was also the perfect gentleman who answered a lot of our questions including silly ones such as – How do you say crazy in Moroccan? Why do men kiss each other on the cheeks? And why do goats grow on trees out here?

As a traveler, I never really want to go in a big group because I feel like a cattle being herded by a cowboy with an antenna flag. So the party of 6 that we had was just perfect. They had the best attitude as they kept their spirits high despite the delay we had when the roads got snowed in and the bathrooms on the road weren’t exactly up to par with what we were used to. The alcohol consumption didn’t hurt either.

These were the highlights of my travel experience with Follow Your Heart (in no particular order):

– Overnight “glamping” in the Sahara desert
– Chefchaouen
– Essaouera (where we tried stalking Halle Berry and Keanu but failed)
– Fes
– Marrakech
– Coffee on the road
– Moroccan mint tea every day
– Tagine
– Couscous
– Haggling with vendors
– Orange juice every day
– Learning to speak Arabic

To FYH, I say shukran. See you in our next travel experience.

Tim Tayag, Manila, Philippines

Tracey, and Follow Your Heart was recommended by a very good friend; so when we wanted to travel to Morocco, it was a no-brainer to organise the trip with Tracey. We had certain dates that we could travel, and cities we wanted to visit; so it made sense to build a custom itinerary with Tracey. She was extremely patient, answered our zillion email questions, gave us suggestions, and lots more.

We built a custom itinerary that included Casablanca, Rabat, Chef, Fez, a night in the desert, Marrakesh and Essaouira (plus a few stops in-between). Everything was well organise, right from the pickup at Casablanca, to the drop-off 13 days later.

Must visit cities are Fez, Chef, Marrakesh and Essaouira (in my opinion); along with a stay in the desert camp. The medinas and souks in these cities are amazing to wander around in; and there is heaps to see, do, eat, and shop.

You’ve obviously got to eat lots of different tajines, cous-cous, pastilla and lots of different bread. And drink gallons of green tea with mint while you are there

I’d recommend Follow Your Heart for small groups or personalized tours without a doubt.

M.D., Sydney, Australia

Tracey has organised a wonderful itinerary with excellent guides and the perfect assortment of experiences. She provides a relaxed atmosphere while quietly handling every detail.

It was a joy to simply absorb the beautiful sights and sounds of Morocco without ever having to think about how we were getting from one place to another or what the best things were to see and do. Tracey had all of this handled.

Prepare for some lovely “off the beaten track” experiences along side “must see” attractions. I cannot recommend it more!

Michelle Ruetschle, Portland, Oregon, USA

Wow. I’m wrapping up my visit to Morocco with Follow Your Heart and I am feeling incredibly grateful for this trip!

I came to Morocco with no expectations at all and Tracey and Youssef enabled me to explore, understand and learn to love Morocco!

There are too many highlights from this trip to list them all, but it was hands down one of the best trips I’ve been on. LOVE Morocco and LOVE Follow Your Heart! Highly recommended!!

Cindy Bajema, Warsaw, Poland

The Grand Morroco Tour completely exceeded our expectations. Tracey was an amazing host and Youssef was our witty guide who drove us to our numerous destinations. We enjoyed diversity and every aspect that each imperial fortified city had to offer especially the food, culture and architecture. With FYH Travel we were able to experience the essence of what Morocco had to offer not so much as a tourist but as a local.

We treasured our long “slow mo” walks down narrow alleyways in old medinas while admiring architecture and learning about Kasbahs, Dars and especially Riads. This experience has definitely inspired our personal architectural journey and the next Chapter of our life.

There was always great opportunities to take copious amounts of photos and to have unique and memorable intimate interactions with the locals. Tracey was simply; attentive, delightful and refreshing. Youssef’s sense of humour coupled with his broad knowledge of Morocco was unparalleled to no other as he was able to make us understand Moroccan culture through his own experience.

Our absolute highlight was traveling through the sand dunes of Sahara on camel back and sleeping under the stars in a nomad hut. Truly Magical and once in a lifetime opportunity. We will definitely revisit Morocco. We highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in experiencing Morocco.

N.P., Sydney, Australia

Just got back from a Philippines GO LOCAL Road Trip with Tracey. It was something I have always wanted to do – get into the culture and not just go to a resort and sit on the beach where you don’t get to experience the real culture.

We went from seeing the rice terraces in Banaue to the Ocean in Puerto Galera. All the places were comfortable and clean. I was not disappointed with anything that was offered – it was an adventure I will never forget.
Thanks Tracey for taking care of me, and making me feel comfortable and getting me out of my comfort zone 🙂

Krystal Greaves, Vancouver Island, Canada

We took a vacation with Follow Your Heart  to Italy and it was the most amazing trip we had ever taken!

It was full of surprises and adventure, along with fun and romance. The host and guide were so accommodating and so informative and full of fun.

When we take another special trip like that, Follow Your Heart  would be our number one choice. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Sandra Hunter, Kelowna, Canada

My family and I have just spent the most amazing two weeks travelling around Morocco with Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences. Travelling with a tour (and in particular with our host Tracey and our driver / guide Youssef) greatly enhanced our experience with appreciating the local culture.

Email communication with Tracey pre trip was easy with the itinerary modified as required to suit our needs. I was most impressed with everything being flexible enough so that even when we weren’t able to head to Imilchil due to weather conditions, an alternative was seamlessly arranged.

Key highlights:
THE OVERALL SCENERY – I was blown away by the diverse natural beauty of the country.
THE FOOD – tagines, harira, pastilla, mint tea, tangia … loved them all. Even had the benefit of having home cooked tajines from Youssef and zaalouk from Tracey.
The hospitality from all the accommodation was second to none. Special mention must go to Riad Nezha in Merzouga and Dar Missiana in Marrakech.
Camel trekking in the Sahara and staying overnight in the desert camp.
Local guides taking us around Fes and Marrakech.

Thank you both Tracey and Youssef for making our time in Morocco so memorable.

Victor C., Sydney, Australia

We spent 14 days on a go LOCAL small group trip in Morocco with Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences. Travelled as a small family group – my husband and I plus our kids.
The entire experience was unforgettable and far beyond our expectations.

We do travel a lot, however do prefer travelling by ourselves as we travel on a budget and do enjoy getting to feel the place – eat like local, meet local people, see things that we want to see.
Morocco was always on our bucket list, however we had a lot of shortcomings about travelling to Morocco on our own – safety, sanitation, unknown culture etc.
So, we’ve decided to follow a friend’s recommendation to go with this company which specializes in small group tours. Am I glad we did so!!!! First that we went and secondly that we went with this tour company!

All-in-all, what has made this experience so special, was the personal touch for our entire trip. We felt like we were welcomed into an extended family and were not really on a ‘tour’ at all.

Many thanks to Tracey from Follow Your Heart and our local tour guide Youssef for making this trip an unforgettable experience for us!

Katerina Dorofeyuk, Sydney, Australia

When my husband and I decided to go to Morocco for our honeymoon, we were so pleased to find Follow Your Heart Tours. They were immediately responsive to all of our needs, questions and even silly queries about the culture, dress, etc. Not only did they set us up with a tried and true team of fun and interesting local guides but they helped us with anything else we needed for our trip. The care, excitement and knowledge helped me feel confident as we explored this part of the world for the first time.

Our trip to the Ourika Valley was fantastic! Even though it’s a bit of a tourist location, our guides got us there before the large groups, and we hiked through the Atlas Mountains past the usual spots and up to the more hidden and secluded waterfalls. Lunch along the river afterwards was delicious, tagine, of course! We stopped to visit little villages, camels and shops as we liked, and it was a really lovely trip. This trip would be good for a variety of fitness levels. You can do a more flat hike up to the first waterfall and enjoy mint tea or orange juice. Or if you want, you can keep going as high as you like, which gets harder and more secluded.

I’d love to book a longer tour with this group! Our guide was Berber, and his family lives a nomadic life in the desert. Doing a trip to the desert on camel with him would be amazing!

Lani Brunn, Vancouver, Canada

Not just a trip of a lifetime but a trip that started something for me. After many years, it reminded me of how life affirming travel can be and re-ignited the desire to explore places and cultures – every day of the Morocco trip was magical in one form or another – and just writing this review beings back a flood of wonderful memories about the people we met and the places we saw!

Our guides were wonderful – Youssef with his cheeky commentary and wonderful music (Desert Rose and Morocco are now inextricably linked in my mind forever more!), Rashid with his gentle manner and vast knowledge, and Mohammed who smiled more than he spoke and Tracey who held it all together for us!!

I loved the way the landscape changed every so often and sometimes several times a day, I loved the valleys and the gorges and the olive groves and the colour wherever we went …I loved the souks and the daily surprises within them – I loved the stories behind every place we visited and most of all I loved Essaouira and the beat of the Gnawa music that is now part of my favourite playlists! And the million ways in which eggplant is cooked and served, especially on that little balcony in Chefchaouen.

It was so so special to travel with an old friend and make new ones along the way (which is why Sri Lanka is now on my travel list). And every destination that was part of the itinerary was an experience worth having !!

My heart and my home are full of Moroccan memories so I say to you – Carpe Diem and all ….add Morocco to your bucket list and book it soon✈️

Santana Khurana, Sydney, Australia

The Grand Journey of Morocco – this is my second one with Tracey Heppner and one of the most fun things of these trips is the unexpected you keep encountering – as well as the amazing flexibility of the team so it gets nice and personal!

Highly highly recommend!

Suki Iyer, Shanghai, China

Tracey and her team took great care and attention to ensure that we were well looked after and made certain that we saw the best of Tuscany and Umbria and places in between.

I fell in love with Italy and I can’t wait to join Trace and her team on another adventure!!

Teresa Corsie, Vancouver, Canada

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