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Why Our Guests Love to travel with Follow Your Heart

Just got back from a Philippines GO LOCAL Road Trip with Tracey. It was something I have always wanted to do – get into the culture and not just go to a resort and sit on the beach where you don’t get to experience the real culture.

We went from seeing the rice terraces in Banaue to the Ocean in Puerto Galera. All the places were comfortable and clean. I was not disappointed with anything that was offered – it was an adventure I will never forget.
Thanks Tracey for taking care of me, and making me feel comfortable and getting me out of my comfort zone 🙂

Krystal Greaves, Vancouver Island, Canada

We spent 14 days on a go LOCAL small group trip in Morocco with Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences. Travelled as a small family group – my husband and I plus our kids.
The entire experience was unforgettable and far beyond our expectations.

We do travel a lot, however do prefer travelling by ourselves as we travel on a budget and do enjoy getting to feel the place – eat like local, meet local people, see things that we want to see.
Morocco was always on our bucket list, however we had a lot of shortcomings about travelling to Morocco on our own – safety, sanitation, unknown culture etc.
So, we’ve decided to follow a friend’s recommendation to go with this company which specializes in small group tours. Am I glad we did so!!!! First that we went and secondly that we went with this tour company!

All-in-all, what has made this experience so special, was the personal touch for our entire trip. We felt like we were welcomed into an extended family and were not really on a ‘tour’ at all.

Many thanks to Tracey from Follow Your Heart and our local tour guide Youssef for making this trip an unforgettable experience for us!

Katerina Dorofeyuk, Sydney, Australia

Not just a trip of a lifetime but a trip that started something for me. After many years, it reminded me of how life affirming travel can be and re-ignited the desire to explore places and cultures – every day of the Morocco trip was magical in one form or another – and just writing this review beings back a flood of wonderful memories about the people we met and the places we saw!

Our guides were wonderful – Youssef with his cheeky commentary and wonderful music (Desert Rose and Morocco are now inextricably linked in my mind forever more!), Rashid with his gentle manner and vast knowledge, and Mohammed who smiled more than he spoke and Tracey who held it all together for us!!

I loved the way the landscape changed every so often and sometimes several times a day, I loved the valleys and the gorges and the olive groves and the colour wherever we went …I loved the souks and the daily surprises within them – I loved the stories behind every place we visited and most of all I loved Essaouira and the beat of the Gnawa music that is now part of my favourite playlists! And the million ways in which eggplant is cooked and served, especially on that little balcony in Chefchaouen.

It was so so special to travel with an old friend and make new ones along the way (which is why Sri Lanka is now on my travel list). And every destination that was part of the itinerary was an experience worth having !!

My heart and my home are full of Moroccan memories so I say to you – Carpe Diem and all ….add Morocco to your bucket list and book it soon✈️

Santana Khurana, Sydney, Australia

Tracey and her team took great care and attention to ensure that we were well looked after and made certain that we saw the best of Tuscany and Umbria and places in between.

I fell in love with Italy and I can’t wait to join Trace and her team on another adventure!!

Teresa Corsie, Vancouver, Canada

I just returned from the June 2015 trip to Turkey, and I was truly astounded at our guide’s knowledge. He was indispensable on our visits to some amazing historical sites .

To truly enjoy this trip, I would suggest that you take an abiding interest in history, ancient or biblical. If your interest extends to the Romans or the Bronze Age that would be great too. Further, be prepared for extensive walking, through some well-kept and some ruinous amphitheaters, cities and temples. Of course it helps if you have an interest in shopping — the carpets, pottery and jewelry showrooms in Cappadocia are outstanding.

So, gather around your best buddies, your friends or your family — really, anyone that you would like to hang out with for twelve days and get ready for a good time.

Vatsala Pant, Beijing, China

Bev and I spent a wonderful 2 weeks in Turkey on the Turkish Villages Tour organized and hosted by Tracey.

As experienced travellers, this was our first organized tour and we had been a bit nervous about it since all of our previous travel had been done independantly, However the positives were day after day after day, and the negatives were non-existant. Great itinerary; very knowledgable and experienced guide (Cem), and a fabulous host Tracey leading Team Tracey around a beautiful country like Turkey. Bev and I had been to Turkey on a number of previous occasions, yet the itinerary managed to deliver surprising and unique destinations on a daily basis.

We are already looking forward to our next tour with Tracey. She certainly puts her heart into the experience.

Bob & Bev Eadie, Calgary, Canada

Where do I begin to describe our 12 day tour in Turkey with a wonderful group and a gem of a guide?

Bosporus sunsets, fairy chimneys, hot air balloons, icy underground lakes, enchanted pine forests, heady Raki, soulful music, cobblestone villages, Hittite history, pomegranate Turkish delight, Ataturk, whirling Dervishes…… simply a mouth-watering concentration of culture, history, food and scenic vistas. We covered over 4000 km by road and enjoyed the experience all the way.

Would I join Tracey and Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences again? In a heartbeat!

Shyamala Abeyratne, Manila, Philippines

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