Follow Your Heart to Turkey by Shyamala || Guest Review

I had first met Shyamala via email, her inquiring about an upcoming Turkey Travel Experience I had planned. We then met at a Starbucks with a number of others interested, but it was evident she was the spear head of this meeting.

Being a firstborn myself, I already liked her. 🙂 She was endearing and yet assertive – she could definitely take over the world. I HAD to have this lovely lady on one of my trips. 🙂

Her trip to Turkey was her first Travel Experience with me. It was a blast getting to know her, and her husband Jayantha.


Where do I begin to describe our 12 day tour in Turkey with a wonderful group and a gem of a guide?

Bosporus sunsets, fairy chimneys, hot air balloons, icy underground lakes, enchanted pine forests, heady Raki, soulful music, cobblestone villages, Hittite history, pomegranate Turkish delight, Ataturk, whirling Dervishes…… simply a mouth-watering concentration of culture, history, food and scenic vistas.






We covered over 4000 km by road and enjoyed the experience all the way.

Would I join Tracey and Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences again? In a heartbeat!

How sweet is she? She really is. And I love that she and I live in the same city so do regular coffee and churro dates to catch up on life and our travels. She was my guest who insisted on me making a Morocco Itinerary, a place I never considered.


SO THANK YOU, Shaymala – I not only have had the pleasure of traveling with you TWO times on one of our FYH Travel Experiences, but you introduced me to one of my new favorite destinations: Morocco 🙂



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