Staying “connected” while traveling | Travel Tips

Whether you are traveling solo or with a group, it’s inevitable that you will be keeping in contact with home, or loved ones. The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia Almost everyone who travels has a smart phone of some sort…and there is always SOMEWHERE where there is some free...

Some Inspiring Instagram Accounts You Can Follow || Travel Tips

Inspiration. We all need it. How we get it varies. When it comes to travel, I get inspired by following the photos of some of my favorite “instagrammers”. Instagram is one of my favorite social media tools – you can see the many awesome places around the world...

My favorite 11 travel apps for my iPhone || Travel Tips

If you travel, you MOST likely have a smart phone. They are truly an awesome device to have when you travel. Not only can you take photos of your trip, but you can also organize so much of your trip on it, without needing a laptop or computer. I get people asking me what apps I...

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