Morocco Grand Journey Travel Experience

Today’s post is definitely an easy one for me. I have fallen in love with this North African country unexpectedly!


Unexpectedly because it was never on my radar to go there…not until one of my past guests asked if I could put together one. And thus began the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Morocco!

This small group Travel Experience is truly amazing. Morocco’s history is as vast as it’s landscapes, it’s people as warm as it’s delicious food in my belly and it’s culture as diverse as every city we visit.

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From the big city of Casablanca to the quaint “blue” mountain town of Chefchaouen, this Travel Experience gives you something intriguing and beautiful to experience every day!

The old medinas throughout the country are always a pleasure to wander and see “local life” carry on.

As well, the desert is a place of extreme serenity and beauty that is truly indescribable.


Traveling in luxury vehicles from town to town, village to village, UNESCO site to UNESCO site, makes for a very comfortable way to see this country! And our guides are knowledgeable about their country and make us all feel so very welcome…we come away with new friends, both Moroccans and each other in the group!

Consider joining our next trip – April 9-23. We also have another this fall October 23 – November 5.  The prices for these will be going up at the end of the month when my website is updated, so you may want to reserve before then to get the current price!

See you in Morocco!


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