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For me personally, 2016 has been a really good year on lots of levels.

One of my favourite things about 2016 is the fact that I saw not 1, not 2, but 6 new countries! And visited 2 of my favourites on top of that.

So I have put together a blogpost FULL of coluorful memories. Pull up a comfy chair and something yummy to drink and let’s go!

New Country #1: New Zealand

Taking two lovely families through the south island of New Zealand and then Auckland for a week with dear friends, was something I didn’t expect but thoroughly enjoyed at the beginning of 2016!

Such a great Family Travel Experience – From Queenstown to Christchurch for NYE and then to Auckland. The scenery, the foooooood and the fun times were all amazing:

2015-12-27_nz_101 2015-12-27_nz_109 2015-12-27_nz_159 2015-12-27_nz_204 2015-12-28_nz_155 2015-12-29_nz_100 2015-12-29_nz_102 2015-12-29_nz_177 2015-12-29_nz_210 2015-12-29_nz_211 2015-12-30_nz_104 2015-12-31_nz_143 2015-12-31_nz_157 2016-01-01_nz_113 2016-01-01_nz_129 2016-01-01_nz_194 2016-01-01_nz_217 2016-01-03_nz_109 2016-01-03_nz_128 2016-01-03_nz_100 2016-01-04_nz_104 2016-01-03_nz_131 2016-01-03_nz_134 2016-01-04_nz_107 2016-01-04_nz_122 2016-01-04_nz_127

Thank you A and N families for entrusting me with your precious cargo and leading you around the gorgeous country of New Zealand!

And if that wasn’t enough, I had the pleasure of staying with friends I hadn’t seen in over 20 years, afterwards in Auckland….so much awesome! I couldn’t have imagined a better time with them and such a wonderful way to end such an incredible time in this gorgeous country! We ate, laughed, and just chilled together…it was AWESOME!!

I hope to take more families there for their holidays. 🙂

img_7079 img_7099  img_7113

img_7108  img_7117 img_7128 img_7154 img_7171 img_7172 img_7185  img_7206  img_7223 img_7319 img_7335 img_7334 img_7336

Come back tomorrow for the next part of this “Look back at 2016!”


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