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Frequent Flyer Memberships. I have 3, as above, as well as our personal Visa collects points that I can avail of mileage on a couple local carriers here in the Philippines.

Why do I have them? Why should YOU have them? Let’s chat about that. 😉

I try and use the same carrier with a frequent flyer program. Until I really started flying more regularly overseas, I didn’t really do this. Now, I try to do it all the time. I use Turkish Airlines as my main airlines when flight west towards Asia and Europe. They have a direct flight from Manila, where I am currently based, to Istanbul, and then from there I can catch other airlines to any other place.


[My favorite airlines – Turkish Airlines!]

The best was when I got bumped to First Class on the long haul from Istanbul to Manila after one of my group Travel Experiences through Turkey. I was exhausted and didn’t know It was a booked flight. I was pleasantly surprised when they reissued my ticket with seat 2B. 🙂

I was chosen because I was simply a regular frequent flier, not even an elite status. Ya baby!! 🙂

As well, as the Philippines Airlines miles are good for domestic flights here where we are currently living, as well as international – There’s a great direct flight from Manila to London, which I use for my Europe and Morocco trips too!

I mean REALLY…when you use the card and rack up the miles, who DOESN’T like free travel!?! That in itself is a perfect reason. 🙂

There are tons of blog posts on the web that talk about other ways to “travel hack” and get yourself free travel, but this is one sure way. 🙂 Simply use Google and start trying some of your own travel hacks!



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