Antalya – Gateway to the Turquoise Coast || Turkey Destination Highlight

Antalya is a resort destination in Southern Turkey and one we visit on our OLD VILLAGES Itinerary.

As a gateway to its southern Mediterranean region, known as the Turquoise Coast for its blue waters, Antalya also has an “old city” down by the water (it was a major port city) which has ancient fortifications, surrounded by the modern metropolis – beaches with huge hotels, tons of popular outdoor activities for everyone – golfing, diving and hiking the 500km Lycian Way footpath.

Here’s a little walk in the “old city” starting from our delightful hotel, Puding Hotel, right in the center of it all. Isn’t it adorable!?

201411_turkeyantalya-0990 201411_turkeyantalya-0994 201411_turkeyantalya-0939 201411_turkeyantalya-0942 201411_turkeyantalya-0989

There was a quaint little bar just down the road from our hotel that had THE best live music!



The Ottoman homes throughout the old city are gorgeous…some used as residences still, some as bed and breakfasts or hotels, some as restaurants and shops.

201411_turkeyantalya-0958 201411_turkeyantalya-0956

201411_turkeyantalya-0959 201411_turkeyantalya-0944

Right down at the waters edge the view of the gorgeous Mediterranean beckons me…

201411_turkeyantalya-0945 201411_turkeyantalya-0947 201411_turkeyantalya-0948 201411_turkeyantalya-0950

There is also a restaurant that you can dine al fresco and has great Turkish food, shisha and good music to really get your Turkish on…it’s simply called “Ottoman Manifique” 🙂 You don’t want to miss this one!


Yes, wandering the streets of the Old City always makes me feel like I’m back in time.

201411_turkeyantalya-0972 201411_turkeyantalya-0979201411_turkeyantalya-0951

Join us on our OLD VILLAGES Itinerary and experience this beautiful city for yourself!



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