Behold, the beautiful Pantheon || Little Things I Love About Series

I’m not sure why exactly but I have ALWAYS had the Pantheon on my list of places to visit.

When I was in Rome for the first time for only 6 hours,  I was looking forward to see the Pantheon the most…it was like a first date sort of feeling in my stomach…I was suuuuuuuuuuuper excited!

Maybe beacause it’s the oldest standing building in the world?!? I don’t know but the moment I saw it, i literally had to sit and take it all in before I began shooting.


It was even lovely with the scaffolding on the one side..however it was a little more difficult to get a “winning shot”.

I guess that means I will have to go back 😉

20101106_IT-0131 20101106_IT-0133 20101106_IT-0136 20101106_IT-0138 20101106_IT-0142 20101106_IT-0143 20101106_IT-0144

I loved it, the piazza it was located in, everything about it…Truly one of the “Little Things I Love About” Italy.


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