Panutsa (Peanut Brittle Making) in Taal, Batangas || Philippines Real Life Experience

201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3469I had heard of Panutsa, or peanut brittle, being made in the quaint little town of Taal, south of Manila in Batangas.

We hopped onto a tricyle and and I asked the driver in my not-perfect-but-fairly-understandable Filipino, “Nasaan yung gawin sila ang panutsa?” or what I tried to say, in English, “where do they make the peanut brittle?”

Thankfully, he smiled and told me he would take us there..and he did.

Like most provincial towns, each has “something” they are known for…or many things.

Taal was known for many things – Barong Tagalog clothes, butterfly and other types of knives and panutsa. 🙂

The “factory”, if you will, was in the middle of many homes in very limited space. We could smell the yummy smell of sugar and peanuts as we approached.


It was a well-oiled machine! There were the obvious stations of the different stages – making the sugar liquid, adding the peanuts, pouring and molding them, cooling, and then packaging.

They walked us through the whole process and even let us have a go at “helping”. 😉

201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3413 201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3428 201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3414 201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3433 201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3454


The fire they kept stoked was CRAZY hot. And the sugar sizzled…no BOILED furiously.

201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3462 201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3475 201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3479 201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3481 201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3464


201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3425201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3435 201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3453

201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3424 201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3432

We tried the packaging station…failed miserably though, I did. I’ll let them keep them uniform 😉

201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3456 201408_TaalPeanutBrittle-3459

It was such a cool thing to do and experience…a bit of local life in Taal. I would be more than happy to do this again and again and again 😉

A Day Tour to Taal will be available in 2016 so look for it!


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  1. aileen Reply

    hi po!may entrance fee po ba dito sa panutsa factory?

    • Tracey Heppner Reply

      Aileen – no entrance fee. Nice to buy a pasalubong at the end, which is a good way to support them and thank them for letting you be involved. 🙂

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