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LIttle Things I Love About - Bergama doors


Since I started my travel photography in 2008, doors have been something that are a personal project to photograph. Some like windows, some like pilars, some like doors.

I’m a doors girl. 😉

WHEREVER I go, I look for doors to add to my “collection”. (Yes a coffee table book is in the works – doors of Turkey, Morocco and Italy!)

And Turkey did NOT disappoint. I found so many gorgeous doors to feed my door love! Thank you, once again, Turkey! :p

Here are a few of my favorites from a neighborhood in Bergama, Turkey.

201309_pergamon_doors-0444 201309_pergamon_doors-0445 201309_pergamon_doors-0447 201309_pergamon_doors-0452 201309_pergamon_doors-0453 201309_pergamon_doors-0455 201309_pergamon_doors-0460 201309_pergamon_doors-0461 201309_pergamon_doors-0463 201309_pergamon_doors-0464 201309_pergamon_doors-0465

With love from Bergama!


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  1. Roche Reply

    You should visit Prague. They have gorgeous doors and I’ve never seen two same doors.

    • Tracey Heppner Reply

      Roche – Ooooooo..I have Prague on my bucket list…this bumps it up higher! Thanks! xx

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