A stroll through the Umbrian commune of Assissi || Destination Highlights

Assisi. A medieval Francisan commune in the heart of Umbria.

Known for being the birthplace of the St Francis who founded the religious order in 1208, it has also been declared as aUNESCO World Heritage site. (Can I JUST say that I LOVE that all my Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences and GO LOCAL! RoadTrips always include UNESCO World Heritage sites? Ya, I love it!)


It started out as a typical autumn day – crisp air, sunny spots and clouds dispersed throughout the sky, tourists lining up to see inside the infamous basillica. Personally, as much as I love seeing churches, I was looking forward to WANDERING these amazing streets!

As with most of the communes and villages in Umbria, they are within old medieval walls, and that means you park outside the walls and walk in. It’s really cool. Although sometimes parking can be challenging in more popular areas that tourists go!

201010_Assissi_0002 201010_Assissi_0003 201010_Assissi_0004 201010_Assissi_0005 201010_Assissi_0007

The buildings and streets – absolutely breathtaking. I could have stayed here for days.

201010_Assissi_0008 201010_Assissi_0009 201010_Assissi_0010 201010_Assissi_0019 201010_Assissi_0018

201010_Assissi_0021 201010_Assissi_0023 201010_Assissi_0024

Then we went off the beaten path, as photographers are known to do, to get away from the crowds and find the heart and local feel of this town.

201010_Assissi_0028 201010_Assissi_0029 201010_Assissi_0030 201010_Assissi_0031 201010_Assissi_0034 201010_Assissi_0035 201010_Assissi_0039

I just love the walkways, with all the masonary – so gorgeous and intricate.

Then I saw Nonna. I smiled at her and she began talking to me in Italian. Oh, I wish I knew what she was saying!! I motioned to my camera, after we had been in “conversation” for a few minutes, to get her permission to take her photo. She smiled and posed:

201010_Assissi_0032 201010_Assissi_0033

Seriously. Is she not the most lovely Nonna you have ever seen???? 🙂

Onwards we continued walking to another quiet area where there were turns and twists and buildings and churches older than I had seen yet in Italy.

201010_Assissi_0087  201010_Assissi_0090 201010_Assissi_0091 201010_Assissi_0093 201010_Assissi_0094 201010_Assissi_0095

Then it was time for lunch so we made our way to the main piazza where the shops and people were…


Ah, yes…Beautiful Assissi. <3

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