YOU WANT ME TO WHAT?! Travel with a group of STRANGERS?? || Why You Should Consider Traveling with Follow Your Heart Travel

The perfect travel experience.

We all want it. And there are endless ways to get it. A backpacking trip. A luxury cruise. A well planned out itinerary. Seeing highlights and sights of your destination. The list is endless.

But when we think of small group travel, some of us think of those movies like Monte Carlo, where they alllllll get on a bus, get quickly escorted to the sight and allllll get back on the bus to the next sight.

Come on, you know you think that. I did when I thought of group travel. Cookie cutter. Cattle herding. Everything I LOATHE about traveling and that seems typical for “group travel”.

So then why have does Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences offer Small Group Travel?

I’m glad you asked. 🙂


1. You don’t have to worry about making your itinerary.

It’s true – the itinerary in itself is a daunting task. We all know the jist of what we want to do, see and experience, but the thought of all the research and contacting venues and sights…makes it a little less attractive. We take the hassle out of you having to do all this.

At Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences, we have done the work for you. And in a way that you will experience the people and culture but in a genuinely relaxed and well-thought out way. As well, we offer so many variations of our Travel Experiences, you will find the right one for you and are designed professionally, working with both FYHTE’s experience and our reputable partners in our countries. And we marry seeing the main sights with seeing many local and “off the beaten path” areas, making your Travel Experience even more rich and full.

Our guides in our countries are some of the best and are so very knowledgeble. You won’t have to be toting around your Lonely Planet guide books, as the resource of information that you will hear from them about their country is more than I could tell you in a few pages. And they are passionate about their country and culture, so that makes your trip all the more rich – we will take you to places that big groups or the independant travel may not know about as they are “treasures” along the way in our journeys off the beaten paths.

You won’t have to worry about meal planning, transportation, walking routes, evening entertainment…we have done this for you, and with great options for everyone!


2. You get to meet like minded travelers who will become your friends.

The group thing may scare some people at first when they think of it, but let me explain: FYHTE doesn’t take more than 10 people. Why? Ten is a great number to find at least one person you don’t know that you can connect with, if you are not already bringing a friend or two, your other half or your family member. It’s also a good size group that you dont have to feel like you have to be talking, like if the group was 5 or less.

Guaranteed every time, our FYHTE groups mostly don’t know each other and by the end, all go away with a handful of new friendships that have these amazing experiences and memories to be shared with. So you are not the only one who will love to retell your travel memories with for years to come!

It’s easy to get to know like minded travelers – age, adventure, income level, etc – when you get to spend time with them traveling. This can also be very reassuring for shy ones who may not be so great at getting out there meeting new people. It’s relaxing and no pressure when traveling with FYHTE.

And you will always have people around the world to visit! Your travel destination bucket list just gets longer!

It’s been cool to be able to, after all the years I have been doing this (since 2009), still have friendships from all over the world. That is a priceless souvenir!


3. You get to be looked after well.

One of the things I aim to do is make sure you are having the best possible time and will do everything I can for that to happen. I work with several local companies in the countries FYHTE travels to and they all know that my customer’s satisfaction and happiness is the most important to me. From cuisine needs, accomodations and rooms to the frequency in which we stop, it’s YOUR Travel Experience and you will enjoy it to the max!

While no method is 100% safe and secure, our Travel Experiences are guided by our local host companies who all ensure your safety where ever we go and you can be assured we are all working on your behalf in every situation. Unlike traveling alone, you may not have this and feel uncertain about going to specific areas. With FYHTE we are able to travel to places we may not normally without our local guides. As well, what happens if you were traveling alone and your hotel was suddenly booked? What will you do? With us working for you 100% of the time, if that should ever happen, no worries – we will find a new place nearby without a hitch.

You never have to wonder how you will get to and from the airport – we will make sure you are cheerfully met when you come and go with our private transportation. It’s no fun, especially after a long flight, to try and figure out where you should be going. FYHTE takes care of that for you.

Heaven forbid you ever get sick, but if you did, worry not – we will take care of you and get your the necessary medical attention or medicines you would need. When you are on your own, well…you are on your own. And no one likes to be sick alone. Ever. 🙂

Language can sometimes be a barrier, but you won’t have to worry if you were not able to learn a few phrases before your trip – we will, with the help of our local company guides, be a bridge for you and the locals, as well as teach you some handy terms and phrases along the way.

Who wants to travel and not be happy? Ya…me neither. 🙂 You came for a Travel Experience and you will leave with one that you deserve to have!


Every group I have had has been wonderful and I absolutely loved them and our experience together. I have even had the pleasure of repeat guests to different itineraries. You can read about some of their experiences here on my FB page:Guest Reviews.

Choose Follow Your Heart Travel Experiences for your next travel vacation. I would love to give you a fantastic Travel Experience!



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