Desert Camp in the Sahara || Morocco Destination Highlight

Desert Camp. I had some preconceived notions of what Desert Camp may be like. I have seen photos of “luxury” ones. I knew we didn’t have a luxury one..but I also didn’t know what “non luxury” meant as well! When we finally happened upon Camp, I was totally excited;...

Old Blue Doors – Essaouira || Morocco Destination Highlight

Essaouira – I LOVE this coastal city. As in LOVE. With all it’s blue doors it has a hint of Santorini, but yet the coastal fishing feel that is eclectic in so many ways, makes it an easy-going, romantic spot to visit. Definitely a must when in Morocco....

What are Travel Experiences? || Follow Your Heart Travel

What is a TRAVEL EXPERIENCE you ask? Simply put, a Travel Experience is a travel itinerary with a group no more than 10 people. Why only 10 people? Because any more than 10 starts to get cumbersome and feels disconnected. With a smaller group, we are able to go to places large...

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