You want to travel, to see the world, to experience culture, to walk through our global village and love every minute. That's what we do. And we do it for you. Amazing destinations. Authentic cultural experiences. Historical perspective. All with a local connection. That's Follow Your Heart Travel.

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Follow Your Heart to Morocco – Group Highlights! || Morocco Travel Experience

I just love the groups I have the pleasure of traveling with! And of course being together for almost 2 weeks makes for some GREAT bonding and...

Destination: Casablanca! || Morocco Travel Experience

I was super excited when my birthday not only came before I headed off with my group to Morocco, but that I was also upgraded to a new iPhone 6!...

Berber Nomads in the Desert ||Morocco Travel Experience

One of the most precious things we did when we were in the desert was visit a nomadic village. We took some clothes and school supplies and gave...

My Desert Experience – Merzouga || Morocco Destination Highlight

Nothing can prepare you for the Desert. And nothing can prepare you for what the Desert will do to you. I loved my Desert experience. It was far...

A Real Life Travel Experience

Trying the pottery wheel in Fes

In December a great family from Australia had a fantastic Family Travel Experience through Morocco. When we stopped in Fes for a couple days, visiting a pottery co-operative was on the "things to visit" list...and we even got our hands dirty a bit playing!

Morocco's Grand Journey

A peek into the Morocco we love!

Can't decide if you want to come to Morocco with us? Have a look into our GRAND JOURNEY with this highlight video...and then you will wonder why you didn't come sooner! ;)