Simply put, a Travel Experience is a travel itinerary with a group no more than 10 people. Why only 10 people? Because any more than 10 starts to get cumbersome and feels disconnected. With a smaller group, we are able to go to places large groups cannot. And really? Who likes to feel like you are cattle being herded? Me neither.

Travel Experiences give our travelers the ability to experience the local culture while traveling in a relaxed way. No line-ups, no waiting, always easy and always fun. We stay in 3-star and above accommodations that reiterate the relaxed atmosphere, as well as being looked after for some or all meals, creating a worry-free itinerary.

Travel Experiences are good for seasoned travelers or even the newest traveler; they are great for friends or family to enjoy together; or for anyone wanting to meet new people. They have come to be very popular and our guests Reviews on Facebook have showed us time again why we keep offering these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

All of our groups have been lovely and our guest are always a delight to have with us- in Italy, Turkey, Morocco, Greece, the Balkans and Cuba. Memories are made, experiences are life-changing, much fun is had, and friendships forged. This is what a true Travel Experience looks like….and we plan to keep them that way. 🙂

(If you are interested in a Custom Travel Experience (smaller/bigger group, itinerary changes, etc) , please feel free to contact us and we can totally work with you to give you the BEST Travel Experience ever!)


A GO LOCAL! RoadTrip is designed like we would do with a bunch of friends – pick your destination, plan a budget trip and GO! The only difference is, you will have my travel expertise to help us plan the BEST possible RoadTrip and have a fantastic experience on all fronts!

From everything to staying in apartments and local homes or bed & breakfasts, to cooking our own meals or eating where the locals do, all the way to doing our own driving or commuting and getting to places where only the locals know, GO LOCAL! RoadTrips are not only budget friendly but also are a great way to see so much more than the regular vacation and they are a photographer’s dream!

We will be a small group – a maximum of 4 can travel on these RoadTrips, along with myself and sometimes our local guide/friend.

These trips are not for everyone though – only those who love some adventure, don’t mind roughing it in order to have a unique travel experience, who know how to stretch your $ and who always always have a blast. Oh, and they have GOT to be all-around happy people or you’re just not allowed. 😉

Maybe this is YOU! Maybe this is a YOU and some friends. Maybe it’s time for a RoadTrip!


Only have a day or two to experience a place?

Want to see some of the “heart” of a region?

Follow Your Heart now offers Day Trips throughout Morocco,  Manila, Philippines and soon Turkey!

Our Destinations

Old Villages of Turkey

This Travel Experience through Western and Central Turkey will take us to some of the oldest and quaint villages throughout central and west...
12 Day Travel Experience

Grand Journey of Morocco

This Moroccan Travel Experience will take us around some of the most delightful places in Morocco.
15 Day Travel Experience

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