Olive Oil Harvesting at Feliziani’s – Umbria || Italy Travel Experience

 In October the harvesting of olives for oil is well on its way! We were in Umbria in Italy and our wonderful Italy Team Max , took us to Feliziani’s Oil Factory in Spoleto. With a long line of oil making in the family, the owner showed us a wall full of vintage photos –...

Riding a Traghetto in Venice is AWESOME || Italy Travel Experience

It’s iconic. We also see the canals FULL of tourists in their gondolas. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful. But….I tend to go with the less “typical” ways to experience local life.   That’s why I was all about finding the traghetto station on the Grand Canal and try it out for...

What are Travel Experiences? || Follow Your Heart Travel

What is a TRAVEL EXPERIENCE you ask? Simply put, a Travel Experience is a travel itinerary with a group no more than 10 people. Why only 10 people? Because any more than 10 starts to get cumbersome and feels disconnected. With a smaller group, we are able to go to places large...

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