Iznik Flowers ||Little Things I Love About

Since the 16th century, the Iznik flower designs have been used in the tiles and pottery in Turkey. As the Istanbul Guide says: Floral motifs are ubiquitous the world over, but Turkey’s floral motifs are especially distinctive. One is greeted by Istanbul’s municipal emblem, a...

The Quaint Turkish Village of Adatepe || Turkey Destination Highlight

I remember when I first wandered this quaint village. It was autumn and we had scarves on and the fallen leaves from the trees crunched as we walked down the rugged paths that led through the village homes. “This place would be ADORABLE to visit, or stay, in the summer!!...

Some wonderful things I miss about Turkey || Turkey Travel Experience

This coming October will be my 3rd anniversary of my first trek to Turkey, as well as my 3rd visit since then! The first time was when my friend Pilar was supposed to go shoot the cover for Lonely Planet Philippines but had a bigger gig she needed to do in Indonesia (Ya she’s...

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