Wandering through Castelluccio, Italy || Italy Destination Highlights

Umbria. Before my very first Follow Your Heart Travel Experience which was in Italy in 2010 to Umbria & Tuscany, I had not actually even heard of the province of Umbria. Bad, hey? But would await us would be a land of medieval walled villages on hills, and cobblestoned...

Follow Your Heart to Italy by Nicole || Guest Review

Italy…I don’t think I have met anyone who has not wanted to go to Italy. It evokes such wonderful emotions and I encourage everyone to visit her at least once! I had a great group of mostly photographers accompany me through Umbria & Tuscany and our time was...

Olive Oil Harvesting at Feliziani’s – Umbria || Italy Travel Experience

 In October the harvesting of olives for oil is well on its way! We were in Umbria in Italy and our wonderful Italy Team Max , took us to Feliziani’s Oil Factory in Spoleto. With a long line of oil making in the family, the owner showed us a wall full of vintage photos –...

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