Duration: 5-6 hours, Year-Round
Location: Old Manila, Philippines
Price: Cultural Day Trip

This half day Day Trip gives you everything you need to truly appreciate and experience Old Manila.

Our friend Carlos Celdran takes us through Intramuros like none other.

Walk around Manila’s ancient walled city of Intramuros with me. I will analyze Philippine architecture, culture and history as we stroll through it’s storied streets. Learn ALL about Manila literally one step at a time. There will be humor, drama, candy, and carriage rides. Promise. Disclaimer: This is performance art in the guise of a walking tour. ~Carlos Celdran

Afterwards we feast on Filipino cuisine as we enjoy Filipino Folk Dance and Music…Filipinos love to celebrate, especially over food. So be prepared to have a blast!

Nothing better than this to give you a wonderful sense of who Manila was and is. Our morning Binondo Foodie Walk pairs well with this afternoon/evening tour!

Duration: 5-6 hours

Includes: Walk this Way walking tour with Carlos Celdran, Cultural Dinner and entertainment.

Dinner drinks additional.

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