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Avanos, a small town in the historical region of Cappadocia in Turkey, is known since forever ago for its earthenware pottery.

The most economical activity in the town, the pottery factories date right back to the time of the Hittites and the ceramic clay from the red silt of the Kızılırmak (or Red River) is what they have always used.

One studio in particular belongs to one Galip Korukcu, owner of Chez Galip.

The ceramic master is known throughout the region. Born and raised in Avanos, Galip learned the craft at an early age from his father. You can read more about him and his craft on their site HERE.

At the studio you can see first hand the potters spinning on manual wheels making pieces in moments!

You can watch the painters hand paint the pieces so intricately.

And of course you can bring home some pieces too! I brought home a small set of wine server and 4 little wine cups. I love them!

I fell in love with pottery in Avanos. And one day I’d love to take it up…even go to Chez Galip’s for a workshop. One day…one day. 🙂

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