La Serenissima, oh, how you have my heart || Venice Real Travel Experience

La Serenissma. The most serene.

One of the many “names” the beloved VENEZIA is called.

Venice will always have a special, personal place in my heart. One can get lost in venice, but not really be lost. The culture of Venice, minus the zillions of tourists that flock there every year, is one of a relaxed nature, I think. Many  islands on the lagoon, strung together by channels or the “roads” if you will, and connected by bridges or ponte.

I have spent days in venice, walking the walkways and finding new treasures every day; sitting in coffee bars and drinking really strong espresso and watch people for hours; photographing every nook and cranny and then do it again and again and again; buy and shop where the locals shop…there I would find so much solace and time to just “be”.

It’s on one of my bucket lists, to stay for a substantial period of time in Venice. One day i will…sooner than later I think.

The first time I was in venice was in a September…the temperature was perfect fall temps…not too hot, not cold. sunshine. it was so wonderful. The last time I was in Venice it was in a november, and aqua alta, or when the tide rises so much so that many areas of the city are immersed in water. not going to lie – I was a little excited to be there for it! And I even bought some AQUA ALTA rubber boots so I could roam the city with ease!

These are photos from my very first trip – the warm autumn sun making the city glow…it was the perfect conditions to entice me into luring beauty.

There were still flowers left from summers blooms.

Upload from July 25, 2011

Upload from July 25, 2011

The sunsets were GRAND every night.

Upload from July 25, 2011

Ah, then there was very romantic no?


Upload from July 25, 2011Upload from July 25, 2011Upload from July 25, 2011

There is something so romantic about a gondola and her gondalier…




This photo below, was, in my mind, my happy place.

I blew it up to about 24×36 and its in a vintage old frame…in Vancouver.. sigh. One day I will bring it home to me.


One of the many entrances to San Marco Square..

IMG_0022.jpgAnd from my last trip…the Aqua Alta trip..not going to was wonderful, a little unnerving, but cool to be in the city in not the “prettiest” time. I found it absolutely breathtaking really. I felt more like i was visiting family on that trip, instead of a tourist..even though I was there alone. weird, no? 🙂

Upload from July 25, 2011

As i walked i saw the infamous risers that they put out for high waters…

Upload from July 25, 2011

The sky was grey my first day…little did I know that I’d experience the rains the next day.

Upload from July 25, 2011Upload from July 25, 2011Upload from July 26, 2011

I just love the MASS of umbrellas crossing over the many ponte, or bridges.

Upload from July 26, 2011Upload from July 26, 2011

This would be me walking the risers in san marco square…fun! 🙂

Upload from July 25, 2011

Where I just was..

Upload from July 25, 2011

I went up the bell tower and got some really great views of the city, albeit cloudy…another blog post on that alone in the future! 🙂

Upload from July 25, 2011

Upload from July 25, 2011Upload from July 26, 2011

This was over near rialto bridge – so flooded!!

Upload from July 26, 2011

A break in the rain and the pigeons come back… 🙂

Boots were for sale everywhere. I think i bought mine for 12 euro…they are plain black. I was too cheap. I wanted to spend my money on other things – like food and drinks 🙂

Upload from July 26, 2011Upload from July 26, 2011

Oh the italian flag…how you blow in the wind with such pride..

I figured because I was in total “local” mode, I’d do a gondola venetian style – the traghetto. A gondola boat without all the shnaze. And for only cents. It was fabulous 🙂

Upload from July 25, 2011

So many umbrellas in Rialto Market..

Upload from July 25, 2011

My black boots peeking in the floodways

Upload from July 25, 2011

And because I was also a “local” that day, I went to Harry’s. no big deal. 🙂 It was on my bucket list of things to do in my life.

Upload from July 25, 2011

The sunset that night on my way back to the Lido

Upload from July 25, 2011

Yes, it was wonderful.

I would love to shoot a wedding and some lifestyle sessions there…maybe one day yet. 🙂

So as I sit and listen to the traffic here out my window in Metro Manila, I think of you, Venezia. and gentle smile, as I close my eyes and go to my happy place.


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