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One app I use when I travel is UBER. I have been so happy using it in so many cities – Manila, Istanbul, Athens and Casablanca – cities I frequent often.

It’s super easy to use – download the app and install it – you will need a credit card, which is another reason why I love it – cashless commuting! And I have receipts emailed to me to boot!

It’s easy to find out if the city you are traveling to has Uber – just check the website HERE and find out.

There are great options too – you can go online and find a fare estimate – so you can know before you even travel how much that transportation will be from the airport to your Airbnb. 😉

In some cities you can choose the type of vehicle you want as well.

I definitely recommend to everyone I know who travels, to use the app. I have had a great experience with it since I started using it in August 2015. I have taken over 275 rides!

Try it out. You may love it like so many of us do!


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