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New Country #4: Vietnam

I had a flight voucher from a local airline that had to be used before Jan 2017. Hmmm, I thought, where and when.

After a little digging and some input from friends, I decided on South Vietnam, namely Saigon and Mekong Delta for the 3rd week of October.

OH. MY. WORD! What an awesome little country! I can’t believe I have been based in SE Asia this second time around for almost 6 years and only JUST got there.

Everything about it ROCKED! I met a fun new friend Tess, rode on the back of motorcycles a zillion time via grab bike and ate the yummiest of food!

photo-18-10-2016-1-29-14-pm photo-18-10-2016-1-13-37-pm photo-18-10-2016-2-04-03-pm photo-18-10-2016-2-37-19-pm photo-18-10-2016-2-55-00-pm photo-18-10-2016-12-14-19-pm photo-18-10-2016-12-25-46-pm photo-18-10-2016-12-32-06-pm photo-19-10-2016-6-03-58-pm photo-19-10-2016-11-28-50-am-1 photo-19-10-2016-11-34-03-am photo-19-10-2016-11-37-52-am photo-19-10-2016-12-03-59-pm-1 photo-19-10-2016-12-17-04-pm-1 photo-20-10-2016-4-06-32-pm photo-20-10-2016-4-11-45-pm photo-20-10-2016-4-13-55-pm photo-20-10-2016-5-25-30-pm-1 photo-20-10-2016-5-48-44-pm-1 photo-21-10-2016-7-19-22-am photo-21-10-2016-7-26-18-am photo-21-10-2016-8-39-27-am-1 photo-21-10-2016-9-06-28-am photo-21-10-2016-10-11-02-am photo-21-10-2016-10-27-19-am photo-21-10-2016-10-58-54-am photo-22-10-2016-1-59-46-pm photo-22-10-2016-2-58-55-pm photo-22-10-2016-3-27-10-pm photo-22-10-2016-3-45-34-pm photo-22-10-2016-4-10-28-pm photo-22-10-2016-4-31-35-pm photo-22-10-2016-5-13-37-pm photo-22-10-2016-5-18-58-pm photo-22-10-2016-7-12-13-pm-1

What an adventure I had that week!

The next country? You’ll have to come back tomorrow for all the juicy details!


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