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New Country #2: Australia

Little did I know after my NZ trip that it’s neighbor was going to be my next new country to visit, 5 months later!

My son graduated from high school and decided to go to school in Perth. What a fun opportunity to end one season and go into another with a Mom/Son RoadTrip up the west coast of Australia! And that we did!

We rented a Hippie Camper van, loaded ourselves up and spent 13 days on the road, from Perth to Shark Bay and back down to Perth. WHAT A BLAST!

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Between the big skies and the monstrous waves, we saw some beautiful country! And made some great memories before I left him in Perth for school…

Then I head to the east coast to Sydney and Fingal Bay areas for 10 days to just “be” with dear friends. What an awesome time was had there too!

201606_nsw-0624 201606_nsw-0638 201606_nsw-0645 201606_nsw-0662 201606_nsw-0674 201606_nsw-0679 201606_nsw-0680 201606_nsw-0691

I ended my time with 4 days in Bronte in Sydney. PLUS met up with one of my past Turkey Travel Experience guests and their husband and spent the day in Hunter Valley… Perfection!

img_9500 img_9349 img_9464 img_9266 img_9289


Yes, Australia was more than I had expected…until next trip!

See you tomorrow for the next part in this travelogue of 2016 memories!


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