A little village called Ormana || Turkey Real Travel Experience

Ormana is a quaint village in Turkey that I have truly grown to love. Off of the main national highway and winding into the Taurus Mountains.

201506_TurkeyOrmana-7252 Ormana_201411_Turkey-1099 Ormana_201411_Turkey-1097

With its authentic “button houses” – read more about them HERE – are strewn down one of the main roads.

Ormana_201411_Turkey-1111 201506_TurkeyOrmana-7289 201506_TurkeyOrmana-7298 Ormana_201411_Turkey-1120

One of the residents there has a wonderful restaurant, Ormana Active. The food is authentic Turkish Ottoman style cooking and is fantastic!

Ormana_201411_Turkey-1101 201506_TurkeyOrmana-7258

As well, he has renovated an old “button house” to use for a bed & breakfast. It’s stunning. The cedar timber from Lebanon makes the scent of the house so very inviting!

201506_TurkeyOrmana-7282 201506_TurkeyOrmana-7269 201506_TurkeyOrmana-7274

The locals are sweet and mostly keep to themselves when they see travelers pass through. But are always friendly and are up for a lovely photo. 🙂

Ormana_201411_Turkey-0996 Ormana_201411_Turkey-0997

Yes Ormana, or Ormanada its sometimes called, is definitely a place I love visiting on our Old Villages Travel Experience.

Ormana_201411_Turkey-1105 Ormana_201411_Turkey-1109 201506_TurkeyOrmana-7281 201506_TurkeyOrmana-7291

201506_TurkeyOrmana-7284 Ormana_201411_Turkey-1129 Ormana_201411_Turkey-1136


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