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There are a zillion apps for our travel plans – packing apps, maps, where to eat, what to see apps…and there are apps to keep our flights in order.

There are 3 that I use on my phone – Trip Case – Apple Wallet – Flight Aware.

Why? Wellllllll…let me tell you. 🙂

Trip Case

You can find this awesome app that I have been using since 2010 on Apple Store or Google Play.

It’s such an extraordinary little app…Keeps track of your itineraries, or your friends or families that you add in. You can follow someone else’s Tripcase flight when they add your email and vice versa.



When you add the flights, you can also add any other items to your itinerary – vehicle rentals, hotels…it’s BRILLIANT. Again, you can then share this info to your loved ones you want to know “where you are” when you are traveling.


Seeing your past, present and other people’s itineraries you are following makes it so freaking handy to have on hand. As well, it’s cool to see your past trips and get inspired to go somewhere else! 🙂

IMG_0637 IMG_0634

One thing that I have found using this app, is that the real time tracking of the flights is sometimes “off”. Which leads me to the next app I recently found and have fell in love with…

Flight Aware


Again, with Flight Aware you add in the flight details and then you can click on it and LITERALLY watch the plan move on the map…SCORE!

IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0629

The last app that I try to use but haven’t as much as I’d like but have moved to a place on my phone where I will see it more and use it, is Apple Wallet. (Android has similar apps called PasBuk and Pass2UWallet)

Oh, and they have the same app you can use online – so no smart phone needed. 😉

Apple Wallet

By simply scanning or adding them from apps, you can have your eBoarding passes right in your phone on the Apple Wallet. It’s SWEET. And the app sends you to your Apple store to grab apps that work with it…nice one, Apple. 🙂

IMG_0632 IMG_0638


As you can see, you can add more than flight passes to your Apple Wallet – organization taken to a whole new level, baby!

There you have it. How I stay organized with my travel all on my phone.

What do you do or use to keep all your travel and flight details organized?



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