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Since the 16th century, the Iznik flower designs have been used in the tiles and pottery in Turkey.

As the Istanbul Guide says:

Floral motifs are ubiquitous the world over, but Turkey’s floral motifs are especially distinctive. One is greeted by Istanbul’s municipal emblem, a graphic design of stylized mosques and minarets arranged to resemble a tulip.

Visitors to the Ottoman Empire wondered at the Turks’ love of flowers, especially “a type of lily” – i.e., the tulip. The classic Turkish tulip motif has elongated, slender petals. They dance over walls of Iznik tiles, undulate across silk textiles, gleam from the gilding on steel armour, and are depicted standing proudly erect on the lovely carpets from the Ladik region.

Along with the tulip, another well-known pattern is the cintamani, comprising three spots and wavy lines, which derives from leopard and tiger pelts.

Fritillary, carnation, rose, hyacinth, and narcissus flowers all appear in Turkish decorative art. The pomegranate is also very prevalent: an ancient, widespread symbol of the Middle East signifying fruitfulness.

And I absolutely LOVE them.

I would admire them passionately anywhere we went and they were there.

Whether in the Grand Bazaar on mugs…


In beautiful carpet designs in Cappadocia…

201506_TurkeyIznikDesigns-7801 201506_TurkeyIznikDesigns-7832

Getting ready to sit down for a meal in Avanos…201506_TurkeyIznikDesigns-7915

Or while sipping a kahve in Adatepe…


They are everywhere and when you love them so much, like I do, you spot them instantly.

I loved them so much that I decided that my flowers I would add to my travel tattoo for Turkey were an Iznik tulip and carnation. 🙂


I love them. And I love Turkey. All the little things about Turkey…. 🙂



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