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Funny…as I type this I am currently on a semi-longhaul flight from Sydney, Australia back to my home in Manila. What to wear on the plane can be tricky for me; I currently reside in a tropical country, which means it’s usually hot. And I don’t usually travel to other hot places.

That being said, it all comes back down to layers, a sure way to travel indeed.


(My last long haul outfit, pictured above)

Whether I am leaving Manila or anything other country for a longhaul, my outfit is usually the same: comfy shoes, comfy pants, tshirt (long or short sleeved) and a hoodie with some sort of pashmina scarf.

So back to the leaving from Manila bit…I usually can handle wearing my grey Hudson’s Bay Company Vancouver 2010 sweats without totally sweating my guts out. That is thanks to the face that I am wearing just a tank top of tshirt. I hand carry my zip up off-white Roots hoodie and stash my scarf in my hand carry.

Sure enough when I get on the plane it’s cold as ice and I start putting the layers on. I will also mentioned I wear thin socks as I am so used to wearing only flipflops that my poor feet are stifled!

When I am traveling back from a “colder” country (almost anything is considered colder when you are from the Tropics!) I am already wearing all the layers.

I love my pashmina – I usually have a signature red one, however my son snatched it from me before I left him in Perth – as I can use it for various things – for keeping my neck warm, for putting it around my face so I am not showing my GORGEOUS sleeping facing to the world J and sometimes as a light blanket.

I pack an extra pair of warmer socks in carry-on and take them out if I need to. (thus far on my current flight, my feet are not bad, so I think I will be ok for a while at least!)

My shoes – distressed Superga sneakers made in Italy – are comfy and easy to loosen so my feet done feel too tight in them. My shirt is usually a black or dark color and when all put together with everything else it actually looks quite acceptable. I don’t look sloppy, yet not stuffy and overdressed and am totally comfortable.

Which on those long flights, that’s super important.

What do you wear on your longhaul flights?



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