A Delightful Biblical Lunch in Denizli || Turkey Travel Experience

It was one of my Biblical trips – St Paul and the 7 Churches – that we had a Biblical lunch in Denizli province.

By Biblical lunch, it was a meal prepared as they did back in the Biblical times and used the very ingredients they did.


The menu – God’s Grace, it was called – was extensive:

  • Olive oil with oregano and mint
  • Dried fruits and seeds
  • Natural honey
  • Thick yogurt cheese with dill weed and garlic
  • Shepherd’s salad – consisting of cucumber, arugula, green onions
  • Goat cheese platter
  • Jacob’s green beans soaked in olive oil
  • Symbol of fertility: Garbanzo beans paste with tahini, vinegar and cumin
  • Jacob’s pottage of lentils, barley with mustard seeds and dried mint
  • Leeks in olive oil with mustard seed
  • King David’s lamb delight
  • The Apostles favorite: grilled of the Aegean with pomegranate honey glazed sauce
  • Abigail’s fig cake
  • And Holy apricot.

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When we were given the menu and read through it with our host, who explained all the meanings of each dish, we all wondered if we were going to be able to eat all this amazing food!

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Thankfully they served the food in courses and not in a rush. I think our meal courses took over 2 hours. We had such a fun time together eating and talking and laughing. I’m sure just like they did back in the Biblical times….just like we do today.

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Some things just don’t change – good times around a meal. And those we definitely do on our Travel Experiences, be it a biblical itinerary or roadtrip.



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