A visit to the nomads of the Sahara Desert | Morocco Real Travel Experience


When in Morocco and you have the opportunity and the time, one must visit the desert.

Our Morocco Team Expert, Youssef, is a Berber and his family was nomadic in the desert growing up. His first hand experience was awesome and he took us to a wonderful Berber nomad family far in the desert lands.

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We were greeted by a nomad named Hamed who was preparing us traditional mint tea to serve us after we met the family, as this is very much part of Moroccan hospitality.


The sweet little children really enjoyed the gifts our guests brought them…some toys, school supplies and other such things that they need and do not have access to. They ran back into their house and proudly showed their mamas 🙂

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There was a separate tent that we had our tea in, to get out from the hot desert sun.

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Truly it was a wonderful cultural experience that we all will never forget and cherish always.




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