Usha’s Moroccan Birthday Celebration | Guest Review

One of the things I like to know when I am traveling with a small group is if there is a birthday of on of the guests while we are traveling together.

When we were in Morocco, Usha’s birthday fell on the day we were in beautiful Essaouira, on the west coast.

Essaouiratown 2015_Morocci_essaouira-0002

Youssef, our Morocco Team, coordinated us having our dinner at a great little place along with a few surprises – special music and dance and a birthday cake. How special and fun did Usha and us ALL have!

Morocco_Usha_002 Morocco_Usha_003

Her cake was lovely…and the entire place sang happy birthday to her.


And then the dancing started! Not only did Rachid, one of our guides join the guy up front, but almost all the guests got off their chairs and moved about too! So much fun!


Celebrating a birthday on one of our Trips is always a memorable and fun time! So glad we could CELEBRATE you in Essaouira, Usha! xxx


(the birthday celebration photos are care of one of our guests!)


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