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Carry-on Checklist

As some of my blog readers may (or may not know) I tend to only use a carry-on when I travel. I wrote about it here once and listed all I bring on a 12 or more day trip.


The reason being is so that I’m not lugging around a monster piece of luggage, weighing me down. That being said, I DO come home sometimes with it WEIGHING more than it did going, or with an additional bag, because of the “treasures” I find along the way and want to bring home.

So this is usually what I bring on my carry-on:

Enough outfits for a week. This doesn’t necessarily mean 7 pairs of pants or shorts or 7 shirts or blouses. Depending on my destination, I am most often able to mix and match my tops and bottoms and add my accessories (ie pashminas or necklaces) to “change it up” enough to seem like a new outfit.

I usually bring 2 pairs of pants and 1 pair of shorts, 2-3 tshirts, 2-3 tank tops and a long sleeve blouse or shirt as well as 5 days worth of undies (I can always wash them up in a hurry in my bathroom).

A tshirt and some boxer shorts makes for great sleep wear and takes up very little space. Also a canvas bag to keep dirty clothes in while traveling and for your extra pair of shoes to stow in your suitcase.

I usually wear my “clunkiest” shoes – walking shoes, boots or runners – depending on my trip – and then throw in a pair of sandals or flipflops. A couple pair of socks if it’s hot, will do – I can always wash in the bathroom too. IF I’m walking lots, I’ll bring my red Josef Siebel shoes; if I’m not, and it’s warm, I’ll bring my MERREL sandals; if it’s cold, I’ll bring my leather boots. It all depends on my itinerary and what I will need the most. But I always bring my slip on sandals or flipflops – I hate socks, even in winter so will wear those as long as my body is warm J

I have a toiletry kit, that is “always packed”. It’s about 6 inches long by 4 inches high and 4 inches deep. In there I have everything, and in small bottles – body wash, lotion, sunscreen, toothbrush & paste, deo, razor, nailclippers, dental floss, lint brush, contacts & solution, hair conditioner, a candle, acne zapper, mouthwash, hairspray, hand sanitizer, little mirror and chapstick.


Side note: when it comes to hairspray/conditioner/lotion – I find small bottles and put some of my stuff in them – then I don’t have to bring the big bottles from home. Saves COPIOUS amounts of space in your carryon, and is under the 100ml limit for carry-ons. SCORE!

Toiletry4 Toiletry3

I also have a small sewing kit from one of the hotels I have stayed at in the past – I can’t tell you how many times a button has popped off of my or my guests clothes, or a safety pin is needed. LIFE SAVOR.

I also carry a small “medicine” kit. It houses all my general meds – pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, advil, allergy pills, muscle relaxants, bandaids, muscle ointment (see a theme here? Yes, I have to baby my back!), thermometer, vicks vaporub. It’s my wee pharmacy. Just in case and so I don’t have to try and find a pharmacy in a pinch or suddenly. I always keep this ‘stocked’ too, and have it ready to throw into my carry-on.

Medicinebag1 Medicinebag2

A few small ‘gifts’ I bring with the people I stay with or my Airbnb hosts as well as a few little thank you cards. A printed itinerary and passport copy as well as any other reservations in case wifi or 3G fail me are also stowed in there.

Lastly I pack a small pouch that is the home to hair ties, bobby pins, bracelets, necklaces, and some earrings that will I change from day to day.

That is it. Really.

How do you pack? Let me know, I’d love to know some new tricks to packing light!



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