Introducing…The Travelers’ Stories


Whether its a weekend getaway or a long awaited life-changing adventure, when we travel it makes memories that will forever be as vivid in our minds and hearts as they were the day they happened.

Capturing these moments in a photograph makes it easier to share with our loved ones.

We would LOVE for you to share some of those with us. Starting this week, every Friday our blog post is dedicated to you – travelers who read our blog, follow us on Instagram, interact with us on Facebook.

Send us your amazing travel moments and we want to share them on our Friday Blogposts – The Travelers’ Stories – along with a short snippet on the photo you are sharing and the amazing memory you made.


Photo above was taken on my first trip to Turkey in 2011. We were invited into a Fairy Chimney  house in Cappadocia and this was the living area of the old man when he was a child. We sat on his patio just outside here sipping wine, taking in the breathtaking view. A memory I will treasure.


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