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Şirince – known as a wine village with all its fruit trees that bear some most delicious fruit trees and bushes.

The history of Şirince goes something like this: it was formed when people were fleeing Ephesus. They settled in the mountains and named the village Cirkince which translated into “ugly”. They named it this to keep outsiders away and not both with coming to the village. Fast forward many, many years. A government official or something had come to the village for election purposes and saw how quaint and beautiful the village actually was so changed its name toŞirince, which means “pretty”.


The village has the obvious highlight of being a wine-making village, as well as hand made olive soap and products, good turkish cuisine, the restoration of St John’s church which is stunning along with shopping for local crafts and such.


Right outside St John’s church (above right) when I visited one time, was this young man making glass products – jewelry, magnets…all sorts of interesting things.

20111103_SirinceGlass-1964 20111103_SirinceGlass-1965

It was awesome – he even let us have a go at it!

20111103_SirinceGlass-1969 20111103_SirinceGlass-1971 20111103_SirinceGlass-1974 20111103_SirinceGlass-1976 20111103_SirinceGlass-1979 20111103_SirinceGlass-1981 20111103_SirinceGlass-1982


So many colors to make so many gorgeous pieces!


20111103_SirinceGlass-1986 20111103_SirinceGlass-0285 20111103_SirinceGlass-1988 20111103_SirinceGlass-1993 20111103_SirinceGlass-2005 20111103_SirinceGlass-2009

I will bet we spent at least 30 minutes with him there, watching him carefully create beautiful pieces, letting us create our own, even, to take home with us!

20111103_SirinceGlass-0293 20111103_SirinceGlass-0299 20111103_SirinceGlass-0302

What an lovely little surprise to find in this village. My ‘ŞIRINCE’ glass magnet is still on my fridge and I am reminded of that autumn day in this pretty little village. 🙂



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