To Boracay or not to Boracay? | Philippines Destination Highlight

The first time I went to Boracay was back in 2008. It was serene and lovely. And much different than it was 20 years before then. And much different than it is now.

Back in 1979, this is what Boracay looked like, local Negrito boys and one lone “tourist”:

Boracay 1979_2

That same beach now?


Crazy right? It has become one of the prime places that tourists go to when they come to the Philippines. If you like water sports, a solid night life and the beach, Boracay is for you.


The beaches were made for lounging and swimming I tell you..

boracay14 boracay9

The water sports are plenty. As well, the east side of the island is known for kite surfing which is awesome!

boracay5 boracay2 boracay4 boracay3 Boracay1

And then all the action at night at Station dancers, clubs, dancing..the works..


You will have your chance to shop for local trinkets and native items as well all over the island…

boracay9 boracay8 boracay10 boracay11

There are still some less “congested” places to visit and get away from the crazy busy!

boracay12 boracay13

Yes, Boracay. A popular destination here in the Philippines. 🙂 And the sunsets are something else too… 🙂

bulabogboracaysunset boracaysunset

So to answer the question, “to Boracay or not to Boracay”… it’s entirely up to you. 😉



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