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In my post about packing my 10kg carry-on for 2 weeks of travel, I also get asked about my personal bag – you know, the one that could be a backpack or purse.

Here’s how I pack my personal hand-carry:

1) Electronics and gear. I put all my wires into a small pouch that goes into my YADU laptop backpack, along with my laptop, camera, a card reader, pocket-size eternal harddrive and sometimes my Nokia Lumia 1020.


2) My other items I carry are my daytimer, passport and ID wallet, business card holder, gum, toothbrush & paste, earphones and a pen, 2B pencil and eraser. Yes, 2B – the only pencil I write with in my daytimer. 🙂


3) This is my beloved YADU backpack. I have been using another one for 4 years but I have just upgraded to this one. It’s a little bigger so can fit my laptop too, so that’s less to think about for packing! I SWEAR by these amazingly awesome, durable, one-of-a-kind, lifetime guaranteed bags! AND I look pretty cool wearing them too. 😉


4) I carry across my chest and over my shoulder this small little YADU pouch for my important things that I never want to leave my side – my passport wallet, earphones, writing utensils, gum, business cards, hand sanitizer. It’s awesome and I don’t even feel it there.


So this is my personal carry-on items, or “purse and laptop bag”, if you will.


What do you usually carry with you? I’d love to know!



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