Lokum…also knows as Turkish Delight || Little Things I Love About Series


Turkish Delight. or Lokum. There is something about this sweet treat that everyone enjoys – it could be the sweetness in itself, or the pistachios, or the nuget. Whatever it is, it is world famous and buying some to take home is one of the most favorite things I do!

You can purchase boxes of it. In my opinion, unless you know of the brand and it moves quickly, you really have no idea how long it has been sitting and how fresh it is. That’s important. But if you do know it is fresh, buy boxes to bring home for souvenirs indeed! There are so many different flavors and you will find something for everyone.



You can also buy some in little squares already, like below on Istiklal Street, almost anywhere. Again, how fresh are they? I don’t know. 🙂


I, on the other hand, buy myself and my family more “gourmet” Delight. I first experienced it in 2011 in a shop near the Hippodrome where I saw the lady making it and packaging it right there. Fascinating.

201111_lokum-0569 201111_lokum-0560 201111_lokum-0561

Then a couple visits after my friend took me to Misir Carsi, or the Egyptian Spice Market, where the locals shop and I found Lokum heaven.


Here you can buy the delight in rolls and in an array of the yummiest combinations! Pomegranate and pistachios, nuget, nuts & pomegranate, rose, and the list goes on!

201309_misircarsii-0129 201309_misircarsii-0131

Ah, Lokum. One of the little things I love about Turkey. 🙂



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