The Souks of Morocco || Morocco Destination Highlight

If there is one thing that is always a highlight when in Morocco, it is indeed the souks, or the markets.

Everything from food to clothing to carpets, blankets and more can be found in the souks…and treasures are always a wonderful thing to bring home from far away places!


Carpets are always a great item to bring home and bring a little bit of “Morocco” to your every day life!

201505_MoroccoiPhone-2379 201505_MoroccoiPhone-2383 201505_MoroccoiPhone-2384

Clothes and blankets and poof chairs galore!

201505_MoroccoiPhone-2387 201505_MoroccoiPhone-2407

Pillow coverings, carpets and blankets line the streets of this souk.


Under this covered souk is the fruit and vegetable market – mmmmm!

201505_MoroccoiPhone-2649 201505_MoroccoiPhone-2653

Fresh rose petals and rose water to bring home and make your sheets and linens smell of lovely Moroccan roses.


Pashminas and scarves…you can choose one for every day of the week, every special event of the year!

201505_MoroccoiPhone-2687 201505_MoroccoiPhone-2752

You can haggle which is always fun and get to know the vendors as you do…sometimes they may even pour you a cup of tea to entice their goods to you. Any way you look at it, the souks are DEFINITELY one of my most favorite places to visit in Morocco.

If you have not been, join us…and you will soon see why I love them so!


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