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Murano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon in Italy where the world famous Venetian glass is made. It was first made on the island of Venice, but for safety reasons, they decided to move it to Murano. You take a vaperatto and travel for about 10 minutes to the island.

2010_MuranoGlass_0001 2010_MuranoGlass_0002

Murano has a population of about 5,000 and it used to be its own commune but is now part of Venice.

As we stepped off the boat we found the first glass making shop right there, with a showroom at the end of course, but it was still so lovely to watch how it’s made and then see some fairly elaborate pieces.

2010_MuranoGlass_0003 2010_MuranoGlass_0005 2010_MuranoGlass_0006 2010_MuranoGlass_0007 2010_MuranoGlass_0008 2010_MuranoGlass_0009 2010_MuranoGlass_0010 2010_MuranoGlass_0011 2010_MuranoGlass_0012 2010_MuranoGlass_0013

The sweet shop owner and I. Of course we had to have a photo. 🙂

We continued to make our way around the island…and noticed the Murano glass in some of the coolest places, like this balcony, for instance:


After our lunch, we wandered some more and found a less “touristy” glass making shop.


I caught one of the worker’s eyes and hand signaled if it was ok to come in. They invited us 🙂

2010_MuranoGlass_0027 2010_MuranoGlass_0028 2010_MuranoGlass_0029 2010_MuranoGlass_0030

They were sweet guys and were all about having photos taken.

My friend Erin, posing with her “glass” ring from Murano as we waited for our vaparetto back to Venice.


Such an awesome Real Life Experience in Italy. La dolce vita. 🙂


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