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I’m so excited to start my new weekly blog series, LITTLE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT.

On all of my travels both locally and internationally, I always find things about the places that I just LOVE!

I wanted to start sharing some of these with you – so you could try them for yourself the next time you are in any of the places.

So le’ts get it started!

BABOUCHE – The Moroccan Slipper

The first time I saw them in Morocco I fell in love with the sight of them! Known as the quintessential slipper of Morocco, you can find them strewn throughout the markets in Morocco.


The colors are vast and vibrant and details can be as little or as much as you can imagine and usually made out of leather. Babouches are slippers with no heal and they have the recognizable heal folded inwards and glued. Quick on and off!Sequins, tassles, knots, patterns – you name it! There are probably as many styles as there are Moroccans and tourists who wear them! They are found throughout the Arab-Muslim world originating in Morocco, so it’s no wonder you will find them in the souks of Medinas in Marrakech, Fes, Essouira and beyond!

They are pretty stiff when you first buy them then they begin to break in and mold to your foot shape, making them feel like they were custom made just for you!


You can hear Moroccans “shuffling” in them in the streets and some even have ones they use just for inside, leaving their “outdoor babouche” at the door in exchange for their indoor ones they use in the house.

We saw at the tanneries in Fes, hundreds and hundreds for sale in the leather shop. It was so hard for some of my guests to choose which pair to get – some bought a couple!


I found this great video on them making them here:

Babouche making

The Moroccan slipper – the Babouche. One of the little things I love about Morocco. Come back next week’s little thing in Turkey! 🙂



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