Follow Your Heart to Turkey by Tanya || Guest Review

I value my guests feedback about our Travel Experiences. It always gives me a chance to reflect on the trip with their suggestions, their feedback and their love for the trip.

Tanya was no different – well she was actually – she was also my roommate through our last Turkey Experience.This is something that should be noted as not taken lightly – she had to put up with me for 12+ days! Heheheheh




But serously, she was a dream roommate! And we had a lot of fun, lots of heart chats and I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate!

Here’s her words:

So here is my review for the Turkey trip..finally (-: 

So we embarked on the trip, thanks to the recommendation made by my friend Suki, whose opinion means a lot to me. So despite some initial hiccups, we (my mom, aunt and me) reached Turkey for yet another family holiday. This one was a bit different as it was an organized one; a first for all of us.



Nonetheless, the trip did refute most clichés attached to ‘pre-organized tours’ as it was one of the most personal and well-planned ones..definitely showcasing exclusivity and taste. We visited places, totally off the beaten track; did things probably considered non-touristy and experienced so many things new and enriching..whether it was for our soul (at Rumi’s mausoleum), our brains (thanks to the endless history lessons), our palates (can’t forget the yummy bakalavas) or our homes (the carpets, pottery and my Turkish lambas (lamps) (-:!





We were also fortunate enough to be part of a group who we felt as comfortable with as we would with family, and thus could share the laughs, emotions and of course the hugs with so much ease and comfort (-:

So we came back with lovely memories, which we can’t stop reminiscing about with each other or sharing with others and maybe we will relive them by making another trip to one of the most beautiful and charming countries we have visited…

P.S please do not ask me for what happened in Turkish history in which year BC or AD as I have forgotten everything or give me grilled chicken for another few months (-;”

It was an awesome fun time! And Tanya’s mom and aunt were also in our group – what a hoot! Definitely lots of memories were made.



Thank you Tanya, for your review! It was great having you discover Turkey with Follow Your Heart!



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