Follow Your Heart to Morocco by Jayantha|| Guest Review

You have heard it and I truly believe it – the best advertisement is word of mouth. And something more to add to that – when you have repeat guests who want to travel with you again!


I had the joy of journeying with Jayantha (and his lovely wife Shyamala) last year on my Turkey trip. What fun we had! And how delighted I was when we decided to plan this Morocco trip and I would get to journey with them again, in a different country!

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Jayantha was our “lone” male on the Morocco trip but that didn’t play into anything. His gentle demeanor and his thought provoking comments were always awesome. He even hand modeled for me for a photo during our lunch in Chefchaouen. NowTHAT’S awesome, no? 😉

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He popped our wine open on the Sahara Desert as we watched the sunset and it was absolutely perfect!

His most profound moment on the trip was in the desert…and he penned this gorgeous poem about it that he has allowed me to share to my world.


– – – – – – – –

Vanishing Trails


Borderless universe with shifting forms

Burning sun with lengthening shadows

Scorching air showing the way

Set off to unknown destination:

East or south; north or west?

Two tribes of wanderers

Draped in rainbow colours

Mounted on grumbling camels

Trudge along an unmarked trail

With little talk, but looking for serendipity.


Sun suspended its descent

After a chat with the horizon

Showing the hidden camp in desert

Tucked in sand dunes with a camouflage


Ascending a sand dune

With wine and chips

The pilgrims removing their turbans

Worshipped the Sun God

Chiselled their heart with amazement

Of feeling a part of the universe


Suddenly all were impatient

Waiting to see the sun disappear

Pulling the shroud across the sky

To immerse in the starry galaxy

Engulfed in the noise of desert stillness


Naked, vast, and dark sky

All at once released Venus and Mars

As a painter dashes colours on a canvas:

That was the beginning

Of timeless beauty of

Glimmering stars hiding secrets


Tagine chicken laced

with wine and chillies

Crispy crusted bread

Baked beneath hot sand

Appeared from nowhere

As Manna from heaven!



June 4, 2015

– – – – – – – –

Having Jayantha along on my Travel Experiences has always proven to be so enriching, so refreshing and absolutely something I look forward to.

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Thank you Jayantha for your poem..for bringing who you are to our trip, fully and candidly. It was an utter pleasure and I hope we can do it again somewhere else in the world for #3.

xxTracey 201505_Morocco_iphone_JP-3046

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