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Walking through the Galata District – Istanbul || Turkey Real Travel Experience

Istanbul. What an INCREDIBLE city. I have spent a considerable amount of time there, although it’s never enough. With 4 trips there in the last 4...

The Sleepy Coastal Moroccan Town – Essaouira || Morocco Destination Highlight

Essaouira. I knew I would love her for the simple reason that she is a coastal town on the west coast of Morocco. What I didn’t expect was to be...

Follow Your Heart to Turkey by Shyamala || Guest Review

I had first met Shyamala via email, her inquiring about an upcoming Turkey Travel Experience I had planned. We then met at a Starbucks with a...

Olive Oil Harvesting at Feliziani’s – Umbria || Italy Travel Experience

 In October the harvesting of olives for oil is well on its way! We were in Umbria in Italy and our wonderful Italy Team Max , took us to...

Real Life Travel Experience

Tea in the Rif Mountains

One thing we do on our small group Travel Experiences through Morocco is stop in at some wonderful locals in the Rif Mountains on our way to Fes from Chefchaouen. They walk us around their acreage then end with us having a wonderful hospitable snack and mint tea. It's so wonderful to have this "hands on" experience like no other!

Morocco Destination Highlight

Jemma El Fna at night

Jemaa El Fna is the UNESCO world heritage site in Marrakech that comes alive at night! During the day it is empty and quiet. But as soon as dusk comes, the stalls are up, the entertainers are in full force and it's an experience like no other!