Location: Morocco
Price: Luxury Itineraries starting at €2400

We are proud to offer luxury itineraries through Morocco for 14, 12 and 10 days.

These journeys will take you around some of the most delightful places in Morocco. You will experience much and be immersed in the culture of Morocco – from Cities of Marrakech and Casablanca, to coastal cities like Rabat & Essaouira, to the camel riding in the desert and overnight in a luxury camp is one of the many highlights of this magical journey. All with added touches to make it the most luxe Moroccan vacation you can imagine.

You will be chauffeured in your own private coach from destination to destination, by our Moroccan English-speaking guide, who brings a wealth of information and knowledge about Morocco and it’s culture and history.

14 Day Luxury Itinerary – €3,050 per person

12 Day Luxury Itinerary – €2,550 per person

10 Day Luxury Itinerary – €2,400 per person

Contact us today for more details to book your deluxe Moroccan journey.

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