A look back at 2016 – Part 3 | Travel Experiences

New Country #3: Saipan, Marianas Islands

Ok, so Saipan is governed by the USA but it is a new territory I have visited and first time in the south pacific islands.

I was asked to shoot for Travelife Magazine, a luxury travel magazine based in the Philippines, and what fun we had in 5 days!


201608_saipan_1-0246 201608_saipan_1-0254 201608_saipan_1-0306

201608_saipan_2-0085 201608_saipan_2-0100 201608_saipan_2-0117

201608_saipan_3-0083 Below is the lovely Michelle that I was fortunate enough not only to photograph in Saipan, but get to know – such a sweetie xx

201608_saipan_3-0214 201608_saipan_3-0313 201608_saipan_3-0466 201608_saipan_3-0501

201608_saipan_4-0157 201608_saipan_4-0163 201608_saipan_4-0180 201608_saipan_4-0184

Saipan proved to be very, very lovely!

Country #4 tomorrow…check back!


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