Riding a Traghetto in Venice is AWESOME || Italy Travel Experience


It’s iconic. We also see the canals FULL of tourists in their gondolas.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful.

But….I tend to go with the less “typical” ways to experience local life.
That’s why I was all about finding the traghetto station on the Grand Canal and try it out for myself.
So I did.
I looked for the Santa Sofia stop, which was had a “gondole” sign beside a humble building. You could definitely miss it if you weren’t looking for it.
The traghetto is a gondola boat – just with no seats in it or all the decorations. Or red and white striped gondaliers. 🙂
The locals use this as a means to cross the canals. and for .50 cents euro why not???
So I lined up with the locals, got on the gondola and we crossed. And it was the best.
I suggest you try it. 🙂 And wander the canals that the elaborate gondolas take and use your euros for an abolutely fantastic local meal somewhere. 😉










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