A Man and some sticks || Turkey Travel Experience

Our group was wandering the quaint little village of Assos on day 2 of our itinerary, The Old Villages of Turkey.

Of course, being a wanderer (I can remember as early as 3 years old “wandering” off) I took a different road down the hill.

I happened up a sweet older gentleman talking to two ladies, whose goods were by the roadside for sale.


I didn’t know of course what they were talking about, but decided to gently smile and watch.

These sticks, the ladies were measuring up and looking at very intently were purposed for SOMETHING. I just had to figure it out.


For only a couple Turkish Lira, the one lady bought one, and was quite pleased with her purchase, as was the older gentleman who had made the sale.



These sticks, I found out afterwards, were bought to tap the olives off the trees, during harvest season.


Just another day in an Old VIllage in Turkey.

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